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Fly Fishing with Tony

Most of my life has been linked to the world of fly fishing. I started fishing with a worm as a seven-year-old but was quickly seduced by the joys of fly fishing. By my early twenties, I was teaching others the skills of fly fishing and have since helped hundreds of anglers learn to cast a fly and enjoy this amazing sport.

In 1980, I started my first guiding business and helped pioneer heli-fishing in the magic wilderness streams of the northern South Island. I then guided for forty years before retiring in March 2021. I am proud to be a Life Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association.

I was a founder member of the NZ Fly Fishing Team to the World Championships from 1987 to 1992 and served as a councillor on the Nelson Acclimatisation Society and  the Nelson-Marlborough Fish and Game Council for seven years. For more than forty years I have actively lobbied for the protection of New Zealand’s sports fisheries.

These days my passion is to share my extensive knowledge and experience with Kiwi anglers, helping them improve  their fly fishing skills  and become more successful anglers

The complete experience of fly fishing, the magnificent surroundings in which we indulge our passion for the sport and the wonderful people I have met as a consequence, remain very much the central pivot of my life.

You Want to Learn to Fly fish ...
I'm Here to Help

Based on a lifetime of fly fishing and guiding experience I have designed a range of Learning Opportunities to help you develop and improve as a fly-angler.​

Within this website, you will find a host of opportunities and links to help expand and improve your fly fishing journey.


There are links for Casting Tuition, Day Fly Fishing Courses,

2 and 3-day Fly Fishing Field Trips and a Personalised Coaching and Mentoring Programme.



Fly Fishing with Tony
Fly Fishing with Tony

Freshwater Fly Fishing

Learn the techniques, tricks and secrets to fly fishing freshwater streams, rivers and lakes for New Zealand's famous brown trout,rainbow trout and quinnat salmon.

Saltwater Fly Fishing

While most of our focus is on success in freshwater for trout, we also are finding increased opportunities for fly fishing in saltwater for southern yellow-tail kingfish, kahawai and other species.

Saltwater fly fishing is a whole new ball game. Different gear, different casting techniques and different strategies.

Fly Fishing with Tony

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