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Guideline LPX Tactical 9' 9" Rod



 The 9'9ft rods are our new approach to a state of the art combo rod for dry fly, nymph, euro nymphing and lighter streamer fishing. Thanks to the advanced blank technology the 9'9 rods are extremely user friendly. They have a very low swing weight for the length/wt ,are crisp and modern and capable of shaping tight, accurate loops. The added length offers a longer reach on the water and a better contact and control during the drift. Compared with the 9ft rods, these enable you to control the height of your cast better, clearing bushes and high banks behind you. They also offer more time to perform aerial mends and curve casts during the presentation phase. When fishing from a belly boat or when wading deep the 9'9 rods give you additional height during casting. The 9’9 #2 and #3 models are crisp and precise tools for delicate work with dry flies and light nymphs, with tip sections balanced to cushion the finest of tippets. The #4- and #5 weight rods are super allround and equally versatile for rivers, lakes or tarns. While being a perfect match with dries and nymphs, they also perform excellent with lake rigs or smaller streamers.


  • C.A.P M4.0 advanced blank construction Technology.

  • Superb combination of casting performance and effective fish-fighting properties with thin tippets.

  • Blanks have a matte coated finish for stealthy fishing without throwing reflexes from sun.

  • Natural grey blanks with a slight tint of green. Dark green wrappings with light golden metallic trims.

  • Grips are fitted with Super Grade Cork of high density and with very little fill.

  • Reel seats with premium wood inserts with engraved “Tactical logo”.

  • Hard anodized metal parts in matte finish to avoid throwing flashes from sunlight.

  • Custom designed locking nuts and sliding hoods contribute to the extremely low weight of the rods.

  • Titanium stripper guides with zirconia inserts.

  • Single leg guides and tip guides are PVD coated in a semi-matte gun smoke finish, a strong, lead-free, non-toxic finish.

  • Delivered with recycled polyester rod bags in a strong Polypropylene tube that also has a recycled polyester fabric cover.

  • GL ECO-Tech ™, no grinding of blanks that produce harmful dust at production facility.

  • Low Toxic Resins: Glues and varnish on the rods have a very low content of harmful substances, which leads to a healthier worker’s environment. 


C.A.P M4.0™ gives spectacular performance with flawless recovery and unique precision. C.A.P Technology features a Complex Axial Pattern (CAP) paired with unidirectional carbon fiber layups. In CAP, layers of carbon fibers are placed in varying angles to each other to maximize strength and stability in all directions. In a unidirectional non-woven carbon pattern, all fibres run in a single, parallel direction ensuring maximum strength lengthwise. M4.0 ™ is the resin we use in this type of blank construction. The properties of this resin fill the gaps in the carbon cloth more effective than normal resins and has greater strength. It also decreases the overall need for resin in blank construction. Resulting in lighter rods than ever before.

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