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Tony E

29 Aug 2022

How being more efficient before you start casting will save you time and frustration


Getting Started

Losing fishing time sorting out tangles before you have even start fishing? Simple ‘housekeeping’ will get you casting more efficiently.

Even before approaching the water, store the fly on the rod ready for a quick start. Hook the fly under the second or third guide back from the tip ring with enough line off the reel to allow it to be drawn around the back of the reel. This ensures sufficient line out through the tip ring to allow an easy start to casting.

When starting to fish, unhook the line from around the reel (rather than reaching for the fly) and hold the rod horizontally out over the water, letting the line hang completely below the level rod. Make sure no line is twisted around the tip.

Next, gently tap the spine of the rod just above the handle to free the fly. It doesn’t take a violent knock to free the fly but a sharper tap maybe required in a strong wind. (NB: don’t rush tapping the rod before checking the line is clearly hanging free).

This is a great system to use at any time but is especially useful when fishing from the bank in long grass or with shrubs around, when the tip of the rod can be held out over the water. It is also an excellent technique when casting from a small boat.

On rivers it is wise to face downstream before casting or when changing flies, so that loose line is carried away from the body, avoiding annoying and unnecessary tangles from the flyline being swept around the legs.

Starting your casting this way, works equally well from the smallest dries to the largest streamers.

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