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Enjoy the Freedom to Fish


Fly Fishing Tuition - Tony Entwistle - Nelson - New Zealand

Flyfishing with Tony will provide you with the information, support and encouragement to expand and improve your fly fishing skills and reach your potential as an angler.
Join me on a journey of discovery and self-fulfilment.

"The great charm of fly fishing is that we are always learning."
                                                                               - Theodore Gordon


Future Learning Opportunities

Improve Your Chances of Success

Fly fishing is a skill-based sport. Successful anglers are those who take the time to understand their quarry and work on improving their skills.

Check out these leads to help you on your 'Journey of Discovery'.

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"Thanks again to you and Johnny for a great course!


I'm really enjoying being able to start again with a new way of fishing. Definitely gets me out and enjoying it more!"


Under-Current News

Recent 'happenings' on the water. What's hot, what's not, current tips and hints.

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